Sharing the Road

August brings on a good many mixed feelings. Temperatures are still in the 90’s in our neck of the woods, yet students are back in school and football is in the forecast. Everyone seems busy, busy, busy, and more than a little stressed. Adding to the stress, we are sharing the road with school buses and motorcycles, cars, and bicycles. How do we make sure our minds stay on safe driving with everything else that’s going on? We’ve compiled a few tips to help you share the road with others.

PAY ATTENTION: This means, no texting or chatting on your mobile device while driving. No text message is important enough to risk your life or the life of another.

SLOW DOWN: Speeding gives you less time to react and increases the severity of an accident.

DRIVE SOBER: Don’t drive while impaired by alcohol or any other substance that could affect reaction time. It takes just one fraction of a second to alter a life forever.

CAR MAINTENANCE: Make sure your brakes are up to the rigors of unexpected stops. Checking that your tire pressure meets recommended standards will also help you brake more efficiently.

BE CONSIDERATE: Yes, it’s hot outside. Yes, your child is late for football practice. Yes, those people in front of you aren’t moving nearly fast enough. Take a deep breath in and out, count to 10 and let it go. Road rage is bad for your health and negatively affects your ability to react.

While this is by no means a comprehensive list, just practicing these tips can help save a life. Maybe even yours. Let us know your favorite tip for safe driving. We’ll share it on our blog.

Take care, you only get this one life.